STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)

At Highfield we are excited by Science and Technology and the power and potential they have to enrich learning across the curriculum.

We believe that inspiring our pupils to be creative and confident in science and technology is hugely important if they are to excel and achieve in the 21st Century. Historically a male-dominated industry, we give our girls the confidence to succeed and dream about what they can achieve.

Above all, don't fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.

Rita Levi-Montalcini (Nobel Prize-winning neurobiologist who co-discovered nerve growth factor)

In the Early Years, science is taught as part of the EYFS curriculum.  In Pre-Prep, it is taught by class teachers. From Year 3 onwards girls are taught in the aptly named Discovery Room where they get the opportunity to gain plenty of hands-on experience with a range of scientific equipment for measuring and observing so that they can collect evidence and present their findings.

Girls are taught important scientific knowledge, but they are encouraged to ask those crucial questions to develop their knowledge. From Year 3 onwards the girls are taught by a specialist teacher and receive computing teaching weekly, as well as opportunities to use digital technology in other subjects throughout the week. We use iPads in most subjects plus have a modern suite of computers and software for specialist lessons. Girls design their own games and apps, solve problems and work together to research and create content and are encouraged to present their learning in a range of ways.

We take e-Safety seriously and equip girls with the skills they need to maintain their wellbeing online. Social media and the internet are a huge part of children’s lives and we have an ongoing focus on how these platforms can be used in a healthy way with an awareness of their potential emotional impact.

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“Highfield is, in my view, the best primary school in Maidenhead. My daughter has grown in confidence immensely since starting in nursery, 6 years ago. The teachers are fantastic and my daughter loves going to school each day!”

Highfield Parent – Summer ’22

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